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We feel at home outside. When we look at the environment, we don’t just see a beautiful landscape, we see a living story, whispering to us of what was and what could be. We see the interactions between the bedrock, the soil, the vegetation, the climate - and humans as well. We are able to take this knowledge and integrate it into meaningful, measurable insights for our clients.

About Us


Ido Shicht ENSO.jpg

Ido Shicht

Ido is a Geophysicist/Geologist, naturally curious and passionate about new technology.

He holds a Bsc in Geology and Environmental studies from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and a M.A in Geophysics from Tel-Aviv University with partners from the Ministry of Energy.

Ido’s research mainly involved interpretation of seismic data associated with oil and gas exploration missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ido was previously in charge of a large scale project for the Israeli military.

Ben Laugomer ENSO.jpg

Ben Laugomer

Ben is a Geologist with a strong passion for nature.

He holds a Bsc in Geology and Environmental studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a MA in Archaeology from Tel-Aviv University in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Israel. Ben has extensive field experience both in research and military contexts.

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